EHP Labs Oxyshred Ultra Energy RTD 355ml Guava Paradise - 12 Pack


RRP: $6.50 per can 

  • 113mg caffeine
  • 10 kilojoules
  • Zero protein, carbs, fats or sugars
  • 50mg vitamin C
  • 12mcg chromium

Take your energy drink to a whole new game! Welcome to EHP Labs' latest addition, Oxyshred (Ultra Energy RTD). This refreshing, ready-to-drink energy drink comes in delicious and insane flavours, delivering you a good amount of caffeine without the nasty crashes. 

With a combination of different sources of caffeine including guarana, caffeine anhydrous and green tea extract, you'll feel the full power of Oxyshred (Ultra Energy RTD). No need for a shaker or tub. You can quickly just grab, open, go and get results NOW!

The Oxyshred (Ultra Energy RTD) by EHP Labs also contains specific ingredients designed to support thermogenesis in the body, providing you're following a proper diet and exercise plan. Take your good vibes to a whole new level and grab a can of Oxyshred RTD today!