C4 Smart Energy RTD 473ml Icy Blue Razz - 12 Pack

RRP: $6.00 per can 

  • Intensified focus with Cognizin
  • 150mg InnovaTea naturally derived caffeine produced from tea leaves that delivers anytime energy and alertness
  • Sugar free
  • Zero calories
  • No Beta Alanine (tingles)

C4 Smart Energy is the energy drink you can count on to fire up your brain power with laser focus and elevated energy for next level mental performance. From work to play, gaming to studying, C4 Smart Energy delivers the brain-boosting support of clinically studied ingredients to power up your brain.

Built for the innovators, the disruptors, the hustlers and go-getters. Unleash your inner Einstein and tap into the limitless power of your mind. C4 Smart Energy delivers energy, focus, and mental performance to help you conquer any task—from work to play, gaming to studying, partying to planning. C4 Smart Energy is proudly made with natural flavours, no artificial colours or dyes, and contains zero calories, sugar, or carbs.