Beartrap PRO Muscle Therapy Device

RRP: $199.00 

The Beartrap was designed by Phill Forostenko, an Australian physiotherapist & exercise physiologist with over 15 years experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions.
Having realised that the current self-treatment devices on the market were very limited, he set out to design a device that could accommodate all shapes and sizes and treat areas of the body previously neglected.
Teaming up with one of Australia’s leading Industrial designers, Mayer Jung, they have spent the last 4 years developing and designing the Beartrap to be the ultimate self-treatment device. The Beartrap gives you the freedom to train harder, recover faster and feel better.
Tailored to You
With 12 mounting points and limitless combinations, the Beartrap can be customized to your specific needs and made to fit any body shape or area. The Attachments Pack enables you to utilize the full potential of the Beartrap and the exercises you can use with it.


Flexible Design
Made with a high-quality and durable material, the Beartrap can flex and bend to match the body’s natural curves.
With the dual lock-off system, you can treat your muscles without having to do a thing! Add up to 10x the pressure with dual cables that allow a more hardcore, deeper treatment. Or a single lock-off cable for a soft and consistent muscle compression.
Roll Out Your Muscles
Our Rocket Rollers attach to the Beartrap for rolling out and treating larger areas of muscle. Perfect for tight and sore muscles in your neck, thigh, calf or arm.