Athletic Sport Aminos BCAA + EAA Energy 280g Margarita Party

 RRP: $62.95 per tub

  • Instant delivery of amino acids to the muscles
  • Contains Peptopro®
  • Protects muscles during exercise and kick-starts the recovery process immediately after exercise
  • When used with carbohydrates it improves protein balance and muscle protein synthesis
  • Acetyl L Carnitine & Tyrosine for focus & alertness
  • Electrolytes & cofactors to maintain cell hydration & fluids
  • Gluten, lactose & soy free

There are nine essential amino acids that are important for your health and wellbeing; however, these cannot be made by the body, and in fact, can only come from a healthy diet. Athletic Sport’s Aminos EAA + BCAA Energy contains all nine of these essential aminos along with an additional three non-essential amino acids. These promote protein synthesis and prevent muscle catabolism, which are vital for the body’s recovery process after intense training. Protein Synthesis is the biological process in which individual cells build up cellular proteins after they have been lost in exercise.

Athletic Sport Aminos also contains PeptoPro®, a hydrolysed Casein providing a full spectrum of micro-nutrients critical to muscle recovery. PeptoPro® is pre-digested, with >60% di and tripeptides for instant delivery, even under heavy training conditions. Substantial human clinical studies show PeptoPro® can improve endurance, reduce muscle soreness, deliver faster recovery and increase muscle growth.