TOTAL WAR Pre Workout 30 Serves - Blue Raspberry

RRP: $69.95 

  • 350mg Caffeine
  • 3200mg Beta Alanine
  • 1000mg Taurine
  • 6000mg Citrulline Malate
  • 1000mg Agmatine Sulfate
  • Extreme Energy
    Train and compete with lights out intensity and energy. Redcon1's Total War® is what every pre workout wishes it was, packing more fire power per serving than anything in its class. Whether you train before work or school, middle of the day, or later in the evening, Redcon1's Total War® pre workout has the ability to come through every time out. The powerful combination of stimulants and focus factors along with N.O. compounds makes Total War® an all-in-one pre workout supplement. Enjoy the most energy, focus, and skin splitting pumps you’ve ever felt during a workout