International Protein WPI 40g Shake - Vanilla - 6 Pack

RRP: $6.00 per bottle 

  • Lightweight Shake N Take
  • Amino Charged Protein
  • Just Add Water
International Protein Amino Charged WPI Shake n Take 40g is one such amazing protein supplement that comes with WPI plus whey peptides, added glutamine and arginine. Whey peptides present in this product start the muscle building process by stimulating the liver to produce anabolic growth factors that stimulate muscle growth and enhance muscle recovery.

This product contains free form l-glutamine and l-arginine. L-glutamine and Arginine are critical cluster amino acids which help spare muscle during periods of low energy intake or dieting. International Protein Amino Charged WPI does not contain any fillers and substitutes. Another important trait of this product is that it is easy to digest as it contains only highest quality whey protein isolate, fastest digesting hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.