NEXUS Per4m Pre-workout Sachet - Red Sour Strap - 10 Pack

RRP: $4.00 per sachet

  • 400mg Caffeine
  • May increase your energy
  • May elevate your mood
  • Can provide long-lasting focus
  • Can increase strength & pumps

Per4m is the newest addition to the Nexus Sports Nutrition supplement range. This sports supplement has a combination of ingredients designed to support body goals and composition when you need the most. The hand-picked ingredients will also support mental capacity and focus so you can hit the gym like a beast!

Each serve of Per4m has 17 active ingredients specifically picked to deliver you a high-quality sports supplement. This supplement is perfect to be added to your pre-exercise routine. The mouthwatering flavours will take your tastebuds to a whole new level.