EVERLAST Isotonic Sports Drink 750ml Lemon Zest - 12 Pack

RRP: $5.00 per Bottle

All Natural Hydration Isotonic Sports Drink 750ml.

Assists with the rapid replacement of vital fluids, energy and electrolytes lost during exercise.  Everlast isotonic Drink helps in providing the energy needs to prevent fatigue and sustain performance and hastens rehydration after exercise.

To maintain fluid balance during vigorous exercise, consume 150-250ml of Everlast Isotonic Drink every 15 minutes.

Vitamins for Sports Replenishment
10% Coconut Water
00% RDI Vitamin B3
200% RDI Vitamin B5
200% RDI Vitamin B6
200% RDI Vitamin B9
200% RDI Vitamin B12
50% RDI Vitamin A
100% RDI Vitamin C
70% RDI Vitamin E

Electrolytes for Rehydration