CMBT Aminolyte Hydrate RTD 500ml Lemon Lime Punch - 12 Pack

RRP: $5.50 per can 

  • Rehydrates you faster than water alone
  • Relieves symptoms of dehydration such as muscle cramps, fatigue & headaches
  • Sugar free and only 5 calories per serve
  • Hydrate & replenish with added electrolytes, mineral and vitamins

Aminolyte Hydrate was formulated to assist in fast rehydration during and post workout, as well as deliver recovery and wellness support with the addition of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Scientifically formulated to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat, speed up muscle recovery, and support immune function, CMBT Aminolyte Hydrate is the ultimate rehydration tool to help you function at the highest level.

Proudly Australian owned & made and certified banned substance tested by HASTA.